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New Texas Law Allows second chances

New Texas law widens ability to seal your criminal history including DWI

In 2017, the Texas legislature made a significant change to the law, broadening the scope of what is allowed to be sealed in your criminal background, including those convicted of DWIs.  

Many people are unaware of this change, but using this new law can help you with job searches and many other life opportunities you would not have otherwise.

Through the "request for a nondisclsoure" process in court, a court can issue an order to all law enforcement agencies to seal your criminal history - or not disseminate it to anyone.   This would make it unavailable in a criminal background check.

The "expunction" or "expungement" process is different, and is an actual erasure of an arrest or charge that was dismissed or reversed.

Most misdemeanors and first-time DWIs qualify if two years has passed since your case was finished in court.  

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DWI convictions


If you made one mistake and ended up with a DWI conviction on your record that keeps haunting you, you may be eligible to have it effectively gone from your record by sealing it so others cannot see it, and you can legally say you do not have a conviction.

Vacation turned trouble


Were you on vacation in New Braunfels, San Antonio, San Marcos or Austin and ended up in jail or ticketed?  We can help you put that past behind you so you will not be hindered when applying to school or jobs.  DWI conviction? Not anymore!

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