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How do I find out details of my arrest if I don't remember?

Most records are available online from the county in which you were arrested or charged.   This would be in the judicial record search of that county's website.  If not there, the Texas Department of Public Safety maintains all criminal records and will provide you with your personal criminal history information on their site at  https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/DpsWebsite/CriminalHistory/ .

How can I tell what the final outcome of my arrest or charge was?

Sometimes determining what actually happened as the final disposition of a case can be tricky.  It should be listed on your criminal record, but the jargon can be confusing.  Our firm can help you with that when determining your eligibility for an expunction or nondisclosure.  

How do I know if enough time has passed to request an expunction?

Generally, the statute of limitations for the charge has to have passed.  This is the limited amount of time the district attorney or prosecutor has to file charges against you.  Generally, for misdemeanors that time is two years from the date of the alleged offense.   For felonies, the time period can be much longer. Our staff can determine that for you. 

If your charge was dismissed in court, then you may be eligible to expunge your record right away.  


How do I know if enough time has passed to ask for a nondisclosure?

"Nondisclosures" are "sealings" of your record so that it cannot be seen.   Generally, if you successfully completed a formally supervised probation or a "deferred adjudication probation," you are eligible for records sealing immediately.  Otherwise,  it may be a two year waiting period.

How much does the process cost and how long does it take?

The court charges filing fees of about $400.  Our firm charges a flat rate of $750 to get the entire process done for you, from start to finish.  From the time we take your case, until the final order to seal or expunge is entered, we anticipate about 60 days or less. 

How do I start the process?

Start right away by contacting our office for a free phone consultation and review of your facts to see if you qualify.  Call (830) 629-6955 or email us directly in the form below.

Sealing Juvenile records

Criminal records from under the age of 18

Texas law allows for the records of criminal charges or arrests for juveniles, or those accused between the ages of 10 and 17, to be protected or sealed in most cases.  If you are unsure whether your juvenile record has been or can be sealed, contact us to help you ensure  your right to have that past stay private.  


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